Dumpster Rental for Businesses and Residents

Residential & Commercial Dumpster Rental Near Ashland, MA

B-P Answers Our Dumpster Rental Frequently Asked Questions

B-P Trucking, Inc. provides residential and commercial dumpster rental near Ashland, MA for residents, businesses, municipalities, and contractors. With flexible payment options and open-top containers versatile enough for everything from yard waste to construction materials, you’ll have no problem staying within budget for your renovation or project. For over half a century, Massachusetts home and business owners have relied on us for reasonably priced waste management solutions, including dumpster rentals. Reach out to our friendly team today to discuss residential or commercial dumpster rental prices. Our family-owned and -operated company is passionate about offering customized waste disposal solutions that won’t break the bank. Sign up to go paperless with our convenient services!

We Offer Dumpster Rental Options for Various Applications

B-P Trucking, Inc. offers dumpster options suitable for various residential and commercial applications. A residential dumpster rental might be right for you if you have accumulated too many unused items in your basement, attic, or garage. An open-top container is also convenient for cleaning up the trash and debris that builds up during a home renovation. Your business may benefit from a dumpster rental if workplace clutter is reducing productivity or creating an unsafe work environment. Many areas offer tax incentives for businesses that install a dumpster for waste disposal. Some of the most common uses for business dumpster rentals include:

Why Would I Rent a Dumpster? Can I Use a Dumpster in a Move?

Dumpsters make it safe and easy to collect garbage or debris in one centralized location, whether you’re completing a renovation project or spring cleaning your home. Perhaps you need to clear out your basement or attic or reclaim your garage from the clutter invading it. A dumpster is perfect for such scenarios. Dumpsters also work well for landscaping and roofing projects featuring tons of debris or in neighborhood cleanup projects, especially after a natural disaster.

Dumpsters are ideal for homeowners sprucing up their property to sell it, providing a convenient catch-all to hold junk, yard debris, or overgrown landscaping you plan to haul away to enhance your curb appeal. If you’re preparing for a move, renting a dumpster can help pare down what you plan to pack and take to your new home. Getting rid of unwanted items before your move can help you save time and money on moving costs by reducing the total weight and number of moving loads required.

What Can’t You Put in the Dumpster?

The list of non-acceptable items will vary by location, but here’s a general guideline of what you shouldn’t put in your dumpster bin per local, state, and federal regulations:

  • Hazardous waste (flammable liquids, paints, oils, chemicals, asbestos, lead, etc.)
  • Freon appliances
  • Explosives
  • Animals
  • Propane tanks
  • Car batteries
  • Electronics
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Aerosol cans

What Are My Options When Renting a Dumpster Bin?

B-P Trucking, Inc. offers dumpster bin rentals in various sizes, ranging from 15 to 40 cubic yard capacities. We also have front-load and rear-load containers available for your convenience. A good rule of thumb to remember: a 10 cubic yard dumpster generally holds up to four pickup truck-sized loads. This should help you estimate what size bin would be best for your situation. Talk to our team today to get the right-sized dumpster for your needs with a free customized quote.

Reasons to Consider Us for Commercial Dumpster Bin Rentals

When you have a renovation project, most local garbage companies won’t accept large amounts of debris, yard waste, or chunks of concrete. You may want to consider a dumpster bin rental for your peace of mind. It’s the quickest way to remove clutter and debris from your property, saving you time and money by being able to haul mass quantities at a time. Dumpster bin rentals offer a safe waste removal option that is also beneficial for the environment. Pairing with B-P Trucking, Inc. for residential and commercial dumpster bin rentals is in your best interest because of our reputation for providing exemplary customer service and customized solutions at competitive prices.

Let’s Discuss Residential & Commercial Dumpster Rental Prices

The service-focused leadership team at B-P Trucking, Inc. has the knowledge and expertise to recommend the best waste disposal solutions for your needs. When you’re ready to discuss residential or commercial dumpster rental prices, we’ll help you decide which container will work best for you and your budget. We can also provide you with a compactor, useful in many commercial applications. Contact us now to learn more about our residential and commercial dumpster rentals near Ashland!


Diagram showing the measurements of a standard dumpster from dumpster rental company B-P Trucking, Inc. in Ashland, MA

Size Length (A) Height (B) Width (C)
15 cubic yard 13’-6″ 5’-4” 8’
20 cubic yard 22’ 4’-8” 8’
30 cubic yard 22’ 6’-2” 8’
40 cubic yard 22’ 7’-11” 8’